Sarah and Daniel's Wedding - St. Louis Wedding Photographer

Sarah and Daniel's wedding took place on Sarah's family farm on a beautiful fall day. I didn't know what to expect before I got there. What would be available for me to take pictures in front of? A big red barn? A corn field? A grassy field? Would there be trees everywhere? Would there be no trees? Turns out, Sarah's farm was the kind of picture perfect farm that you read about in a book. Which is probably why Sarah and Daniel decided to have their wedding there. I had a great time with Daniel and Sarah, and the fact that they are both also photographers made the day go even smoother. The reception was held at the Feasting Fox in St. Louis, MO.


My brother needed a new headshot. He came to me. What a good brother. : )


Jamie and Lee's Wedding - St. Louis Wedding Photographer

Jamie and Lee were fortunate to pick the most beautiful weekend of September to have their wedding. I was fortunate to be asked to photograph their special day. : ) The wedding was held at the Jewel Box in Forest Park, and the reception at Andre's West in Fenton, MO.


Rikki and Ron's Engagement Foto Sesh - St. Louis Photographer

Being a photographer is a cool thing. You get to look at different situations and figure out how best to capture them, freezing a moment forever, for it to be stared at and (usually) cherished for many, many lifetimes. I really dig it. What I find very frustrating though, is that I can't really ever take cool pictures with myself in them. :( That's why Rikki, from Rikki Lauren Photography contacted me. She knew that if she came to me to take her and her fiance, Ron's engagement photos, they would not only be cool, but they would also all be sans my face. :) We took all these pictures in and around St. Louis city's oldest public park, Lafayette Square Park.


Norah Ann's 1st Birthday - St. Louis Photographer

I got to document baby Norah's Pretty in Pink first birthday party! The family spent all day putting up decorations, grandma spent all day creating the cake (which was delicious), and Norah Ann was a site to see in her little pink tu-tu!


Family Reunion

With our families growing, it hasn't been as easy to get together for the holidays as it has been in the past. This year, Aunt Karen orchestrated a family reunion at Drace Park in Town and Country. It was great to see everybody! See the entire gallery of pics here.


My Son - Henry Ryan Haupt

View the flickr photo slideshow of his first month here.


Biggest Moon of the Year

March 19th was apparently one of those strange days where the moon is closest to planet Earth for once in like... years. I thought about this for a while I laid in bed watching Jimmy Fallon... I thought about how I've never taken a picture of the moon before... and finally, I mustered the energy to get up, dig my tripod out of the closet, and attempt to capture this astrologic phenomenon.

I used a tripod, an intervalometer (for the external shutter release), a 70-200mm lens, and camera settings - iso 200, f/5.6, 1/800s

The resulting picture is below. I am pretty pleased with it! It's amazing to see so many details!

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